Hello and welcome to my office , located at 220-41 Union Turnpike, Oakland Gardens, New York, 11364. The office is at the corner of 221st Street and Union Turnpike, the entrance is on Union Turnpike. You will always find a parking spot around and you can park on Union Turnpike, right in front of the office.


My name is Cristian Harghel and  I am a New York State licensed physician, double board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine . That means that I take care of patients  between 16 and 100 years old. Geriatric Medicine is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine  focusing on specialized medical care for elderly patients. There is no set age at which patients may be under the care of a geriatrician, or physician who specializes in the care of elderly people. Rather, this decision is determined by the individual patient's needs, and the availability of a specialist. Any patient over 65 years old can benefit from the services of an internist (general practitioner) , a geriatric specialist, or both.


Geriatrics, the care of aged people, differs from gerontology, which is the study of the aging process itself. The term geriatrics comes from the Greek geron meaning "old man" and iatros meaning "healer". However, geriatrics is sometimes called medical gerontology.


Geriatric Medicine  emphasizes the role of caring, besides treating. As people grow old they are faced with  multiple medical problems and chronic diseases  that could affect their quality of life and contribute to a decline in their functional status. Simple medication regimens and adding prescriptions to the therapy rarely helps, therefore other aspects of  medical care have to be taken into consideration. Short office visits  do not help patients. I consider that spending time with my patients is essential for their well being and allows me to know them better and get familiar with their problems. As I learn to know my patients  very well, we all feel very comfortable about  what we are doing and we become a team.


Do not be surprised if we become friends, because I  am convinced that a warm relationship between us will positively impact your health and the results of our interventions. I trust my patients and I expect to be trusted, because  my efforts are based on a high level of mutual trust and confidence.


You can access our treatments page  in order to  get familiar with what services I provide ,although the list  is constantly changing and growing.


On the Accepted Insurances page you will find a list with all the insurance plans that I am affiliated with and the list is periodically updated.


The medical office has two consultation rooms, a spacious waiting room  and two bathrooms, one bathroom being handicap accesible.You can take the virtual tour of the office if you  are curious.The interior  was renovated and  updated to  a modern, state of the art medical facility in 2005


We are drawing blood in the office, so you won’t have to go to any lab for the blood tests. I am affiliated with  five well known laboratories that perform routine and specialized tests as well. For more information about what kind of investigations and tests we perform in the office you can access


I am  using a strategy that  eliminates a long waiting time  for scheduling appointments and also long waiting times in the waiting room. You can be sure that you will be seen  the same day if you call for an emergent appointment and within the same week if you would like to schedule an initial visit.


Follow up visits are essential to  strengthen our relation and improve our dialogue, helping me to  build up  a  strong basis  for any further interventions, to allow me to take care in a systematic way of all the details of your health, focusing in a timely manner on prevention and health maintenance issues as well as chronic, acute or progressing illnesses.


I strongly believe in continuity of care  being vital for the accuracy of  the treatment plans , therefore, in case you ever need to be hospitalized, I would like to be the first doctor involved in your inpatient treatment. I have admitting privileges in NorthShore University Hospital  in Manhasset, where I  work with a team of great specialists in different fields.


On this website you will find out  how you can get in touch with me directly or with  my office manager. All the phone numbers are listed as well as  the office fax number.


All my patients are encouraged to contact me for any questions  in order to eliminate  any degree of uncertainty and to  improve compliance with the treatments provided.


If you feel the need to meet with me and  talk to me before deciding to become  my patient, please  call the office and schedule an encounter that would give us the opportunity to  have a face to face contact and allow me to answer some of your questions and go over some of your concerns.


Sicerely yours,


Cristian Harghel, M.D.